Finest Korean cuisine in the heart of Soho

Ran was established in 1987 and since then has attained a reputation for quality Korean cuisine in the heart of Soho. With exceptional service and high culinary standards it is now firmly established as one of London's foremost restaurants for Korean cuisine. Serving a wide range of traditional dishes our chefs believe in the importance of the finest ingredients and attention to detail when preparing our meals.

The origin behind the restuarant's name

The name, Ran (蘭), translates into Korean as 'orchid' and has great significance in Oriental culture.
The first known references to orchids are found in Eastern literature in the writings of Confucius, a Chinese sage from the 6th Century BC. He refers to it as "the plant of the King's fragrance" and describes it as the epitome of purity and grace.
Along with plum blossom, bamboo and chrysanthemum, the orchid makes up The Four Nobles (四君子) which are traditional subjects in Oriental painting. They represent the four seasons and also mirror desirable character traits, the orchid symbolising summer and noble virtue.
The orchid is revered for its extreme delicacy and beautiful fragrance, and is a symbol of the rare and precious. This is reflected at Ran where we believe in the importance of the finest ingredients and attention to detail when preparing our dishes.

"With Korean restaurants rather stuck in a dated groove,
Ran is one of the best and smartest..."
The Independent

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Ran Restaurant
58-59 Great Marlborough Street
London, W1F 7JY